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2018 Local Government
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2018 Local Government
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2018 CAP Membership

          2017 CAP MEMBERSHIP
    Listed below are the cities, towns, and villages in Allegany, Cattaraugus, and Chautauqua Counties with a link to their website.  Town and City membership runs January to January, Village membership runs June to June.

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        X represents 2017 CAP Member
        BLUE represents municipalities who have a basic $150 CAP Membership with a front-page listing

        YELLOW represents municipalities who have a fully-developed website through STW
        GREEN represents municipalities who create and maintian their own websites
        WHITE represents municipalities who do not have a web presence

T of Alfred C of Salamanca X C of Dunkirk X
T of Allen X C of Olean X C of Jamestown
T of Alma    
T of Almond T of Allegany X T of Arkwright X
T of Amity T of Ashford X T of Busti
T of Andover X T of Carrollton X T of Carroll X
T of Angelica X T of Coldspring X T of Charlotte X
T of Belfast T of Conewango T of Chautauqua X
T of Birdsall T of Dayton X T of Cherry Creek X
T of Bolivar T of East Otto X T of Clymer X
T of Burns T of Ellicottville T of Dunkirk X
T of Caneadea X T of Farmersville X T of Ellery X
T of Centerville X T of Franklinville X T of Ellicott X
T of Clarksville T of Freedom X T of Ellington X
T of Cuba X T of Great Valley X T of French Creek X
T of Friendship X T of Hinsdale X T of Gerry X
T of Genesee X T of Humphrey X T of Hanover X
T of Granger X T of Ischua T of Harmony
T of Grove X T of Leon X T of Kiantone X
T of Hume T of Little Valley X T of Mina X
T of Independence X T of Lyndon X T of North Harmony X
T of New Hudson X T of Machias X T of Poland X
T of Rushford X T of Mansfield X T of Pomfret X
T of Scio X T of Napoli X T of Portland X
T of Ward T of New Albion X T of Ripley
T of Wellsville X T of Olean X T of Sheridan X
T of West Almond T of Otto X T of Sherman X
T of Willing X T of Perrysburg X T of Stockton
T of Wirt T of Persia X T of Villenova X
  T of Portville X T of Westfield X
V of Alfred T of Randolph X  
V of Almond T of Red House V of Bemus Point X
V of Andover T of Salamanca X V of Brocton X
V of Angelica X T of South Valley X V of Cassadaga X
V of Belmont X T of Yorkshire X V of Celoron X
V of Bolivar X   V of Cherry Creek X
V of Canaseraga V of Allegany V of Falconer
V of Cuba X V of Cattaraugus X V of Fredonia
V of Richburg V of Delevan X V of Lakewood X
V of Wellsville X V of Ellicottville V of Mayville X
  V of Franklinville X V of Panama X
  V of Gowanda V of Sherman X
  V of Little Valley X V of Silver Creek
  V of Portville X V of Sinclairville
  V of South Dayton X V of Westfield X